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Sunday, June 30, 2024

New Moon Intentions

This week we have a New Moon coming up. I am looking forward to dedicating time on my schedule to practice setting my New Moon intentions. If you find this topic interesting be sure to check out our podcast episode here.

What I try to have around me while setting my New Moon intentions:

  • Journal
  • Lit candle or diffuser
  • Favorite pen
  • Calm music
  • Clean workspace
  • Crystals, if I have them on hand
  • My planner
  • Water to drink

One thing I want you to remember is that your ritual does not have to be perfect. Just because you don’t have your favorite journal or you don’t have a candle, doesn’t mean that you can’t set your intentions. Do it anyway. Sometimes the New Moon comes on the most inconvenient day, so if that means reciting your intentions in the mirror as you get ready for work, while you shower, in the car on the way to work, or just to a friend over the phone, then just do it. Don’t let the fancy ritual be the obstacle that prevents you from setting your intentions.  

I’m looking forward to connecting with you on MMC chat or in the messages below. What is your new moon ritual?

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