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Christen Hessler

Hi, I’m Christen Hessler. I just got married in 2020 – yep, I’m a “COVID Bride”! I’m also new to motherhood in a very non-traditional sense; I gained a bonus daughter (who is now 11) as well as her two half brothers from my husband's previous marriage. My husband and I are still involved in the boys’ lives, even though they don’t live with us. We do live with three small dogs who run the roost. 


I work at home now (thanks to COVID-19) as a call center supervisor for one of the largest dental service companies in the United States. My background is staff training, process development, and patient advocacy.


I enjoy scrapbooking, mixed media arts, sewing, video games, reading sci-fi/fantasy, and collecting oddities like figurines of deities, crystals, coins and stamps. I am currently obsessed with all things metaphysical, organization, meal prep, day planners, manifesting and introspective growth.


I’m growing through major transitions in my life, from being a single carrier minded girl, slaying it at the office, and living on the fly, to now caring for my household while balancing family fun, life after weight loss surgery, self-care, and my career all at once. I’m excited to share everything I learn along the way in hopes that others can benefit from it, too.


One of my favorite quotes right now is, "Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready."



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