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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Plan Ahead to Avoid the Sacrifice

Hey everyone! On the podcast this week, we talked about making those little sacrifices every now and then. Those little sacrifices could be skipping on personal hygiene or other self care activities. Basically, if you are running tight on time, you might omit important parts of your selfcare routine. We all do it; it might not be sacrificing the shower or brushing your teeth, some might sacrifice even more if they are really pressed for time! These are just the choices we make on an everyday basis. I find that when I return from a trip or have a huge schedule upheaval, I get really off my routine and miss important things, like meal planning and other personal business.

Travis, Reyna and I recently went on a family trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. We were only gone for four days, but it was right in the middle of a busy week at work and right before the Labor Day holiday. I knew that we would be cutting it close when it came down to packing and heading out for our trip, and even getting back home and unpacking might be a struggle. I made sure to take an extra day off before we left town, and another one when we got back so that we could get packed and unpacked without feeling rushed. I also wanted to make sure that all the clothes that I wanted were clean and easy to find so that I wouldn't have to make any compromises with my wardrobe. Since I get a little off track due to vacations, I thought I would share what we did this time around to prevent our personal matters from slipping through the cracks – a little premeditated self-care if you will. These are just some things you can do to prepare before you go on a trip. By planning ahead, you can prevent yourself from making last minute sacrifices. 
Reyna living it up in NOLA

Prevent a clothing catastrophe:
  • Wash, fold and put away all your laundry at least 1-2 days before you start packing.
  • Pack the day before (or sooner)
  • Use a packing list
  • I start tossing things I want to take into an empty laundry basket when I come across it in the week before my trip

Kitchen clean out:
  • Plan your meals for the week before your trip and the week after
  • Clean out your fridge; freeze, use or throw away anything that will expire while you are gone
  • Order your road trip snacks with grocery pick up instead of buying from expensive convenient stores as you travel - Check out Cindy's blog here
  • Get grocery pick up when you arrive back in town
  • Do a quick run through your cleaning checklist for your kitchen

Don’t let the bills slip:
  • Check your bills that will be due while traveling and anything coming up afterwards.
  • Pay them before you go or make sure auto pay will go through

Come home to a clean house:
  • Tidy up and declutter before you go
  • Empty all your trash cans and waste bins
  • Set out clean towels for your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Make your bed
  • Make sure all the dishes are washed and put away
  • Do a quick run through your cleaning checklist for the rest of your home
Travis enjoying brunch on our way back home.

If you can manage to take care of these everyday tasks before you set out on your vacation, you will come home to a clean house, and you’ll  have less things to worry about when you get back. Once you get back home, you can unpack and relax a little before getting back into your daily routine. Doing the extra work before you play by planning meals and pre-paying the bills will ensure that you don’t forget anything or feel overwhelmed when you return.

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