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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Should I Get Another Dog?


I have a conundrum. I want a dog. I already have a dog. I want another dog. A lap dog. A cuddle bug. Something cute and fluffy and loveable. But I have a dog. She’s big, hairy, very smart, and she doesn’t like other dogs…most of the time. She’s also more attached to my husband, Mark, than to me. As the alpha female in our household, she respects me, but her love goes to her Daddy and no one else. So I want a dog. A little dog. One that can sit in my lap and lay next to me on the couch. One that might give me a lick of affection now and then (but not too much). One that’s soft to pet and brush.

I’ve been thinking about dogs for a long time. Mark and I had been wanting a Great Pyrenees long before our beloved Sophie dropped into our life. As I mentioned on the podcast yesterday, we had thoroughly researched the breed and even stalked the Pyr rescue sites looking for the “right” one. We always said we’d know when we found her because “she would find us.” And that’s exactly what Sophie did. She’s been a great dog, and I’d definitely love to have another Pyr – they’re smart, independent, great guard dogs, friendly, and of course, beautiful. But I grew up with small dogs that could lay in bed with you, and whenever I’m around Christen’s three small dogs, I start to daydream about having one of my own.

At first, I wanted a Shih Tzu like Arya. Christen’s oldest dog is the sweetest little lap dog you could ever want. Her long fur is soft and strokable, like human hair, and she loves to cuddle – it’s what she was bred for. Whenever I mention it, Mark tries to dissuade me. He would prefer a Maltese, but then he reminds me that Sophie is nervous around and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs. I think her behavior is directed mostly to big dogs and any kind of black dog, especially since she whines and cries when she sees another Pyr, but the subtext behind his comments is heard loud and clear – he doesn’t want another dog, and especially not a Shih Tzu.

A few years ago, I started following a lovely crafter on YouTube and Patreon who goes by the handle “Dearly Dee”. She had an adorable little dog named Lily or “Lil” for short. Lil was a Maltese mix, an older dog, and so adorable I just couldn’t stand it. So then I started thinking about Maltese dogs. They are quite cute. A bit larger than the Shih Tzus, but they still have that gorgeous long hair rather than fur. That’s a big plus in my book because Sophie sheds so much (literally buckets of hair daily). A Maltese would also be white, so that might negate the “other dog” issue, especially if we brought her in as a puppy. So I’ve been thinking about a Maltese or some kind of Maltese mix, and I’ve mentioned it several times to Mark, but he doesn’t seem that interested.

I’ve even entertained the idea of another Pyr, and part of me thinks Sophie would accept a dog of her own breed, especially (again) if she came to us as a puppy. Mark agrees that a Great Pyrenees would be a good dog to have and we certainly have a yard big enough for two, but a Pyr is not a lap dog by any stretch of the imagination. And then we have all that fur. I mean, Sophie is basically one giant floof. I think it might drive me insane to have to clean up after two of her. But then it happened. Someone showed me a Pyr being fostered at our local rescue group, and I started thinking about her, even though I’m trying not to. Is it crazy to want another big dog and my little lap dog?

I know that if I think about it long enough, the decision will be made for me. Someone will adopt that pretty little girl from the rescue site, and I will quit thinking about the Pyr that got away. As for the Maltese, as long as no one presents me with an actual dog, the idea will remain a mere possibility and nothing more. I can keep thinking about it, imagining what it would be like, and wishing for the day when I could have one, but I don’t actually have to face the reality of making the choice, of actually searching for and adopting the dog, or even facing the decision not to get one at all. Christen asked us in the podcast what choice would we make if there were no consequences at all. I think it would be simple – I would choose both. I’d rescue the Pyr and I’d find my little lap dog and enjoy them both. It’s a possibility. I’m sure both the dogs and I would be very happy. I’m just not sure I’m ready.

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