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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Peanut Butter Cravings

It’s March again! Last year, on my blog, I wrote about National Peanut Month (the month of March), and my cohosts and I love peanut butter so much that we decided to do a podcast about it this week dedicated to that magical goodness.

After my weight-loss surgery, there were only two foods that I tolerated: eggs and peanut butter, which is a weird combination that I didn’t eat at the same time. Now that it has been about four years since my surgery, I have branched out a bit. I still love peanut butter, however, and it is a frequent phantom period craving.

What is a phantom period? It is a period or period-like symptoms without actual period flow. I have been experiencing this since my oophorectomy over ten years ago. An oophorectomy is a partial hysterectomy where only the ovaries are removed. As a result, I was forced into surgical menopause. So, even though I don’t have periods, I still get bloating, cramps and cravings once a month. 

My cravings are usually for something sugary or carbohydrate-rich. Each month the cravings are different, but last month it was peanut butter. I was surprised by this because I hadn’t touched peanut butter or made my “peanut butter treat” in over six months. Peanut butter is an easier craving to manage than, say, ice cream or pizza (which was my January craving). Another craving I have often is crab rangoon.

After my surgery, to offset my cravings for sweets, I often made what I called “Peanut Butter Treat.” This treat can be made as keto as possible, which I will detail below (since a small amount of peanut butter is allowed on a keto diet).



  • Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and cover. Stick mixture in refrigerator or freezer for at least three hours and enjoy.

In my blog last year, I mentioned peanut butter spreads that I liked to buy from the local farmer’s market. Recently, I discovered a small business of peanut butter spreads that has become viral on TikTok called Nerdy Nuts™. I have not ordered from this company yet, but I enjoy watching their videos. 

The question remains: why peanut butter? In my previous blog, I mentioned that peanut butter used to remind me of poverty, but now it’s nostalgic. If I have to have any phantom cravings, I’d rather them be peanut butter, and I’d like to take my “Peanut Butter Treat” to the next level like Nerdy Nuts™ has.

I want to hear from our readers. Do you like peanut butter? What is your favorite peanut butter treat? What is your favorite craving or guilty pleasure? Comment below!

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