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Monday, September 19, 2022

What Are You Doing Right Now?

Hey guys! As you know, we are busy gals; not only do we blog and host a podcast, but we also have several hobbies as well! Shocking, I know. I am sure you have heard us mention several of them on previous podcast episodes as well as in our blogs. We scrapbook, camp, hike, bike, fish, cook, sew, explore local businesses, and create so many things with our hands. This week on the podcast we will be talking about the various projects that we are currently working on. I don’t want to give too much away; you will just have to check out the podcast when it comes out on Wednesday! 

One project that was not mentioned on the podcast, merely because it became “a thing” just today, is this awesome secretary desk that I picked up off the side of the curb. I was on my way to have brunch with some friends and saw someone in my neighborhood was having a garage sale. I spotted the desk and I was in love at first sight, but I didn’t want to be late for our reservation, so I told myself that if it was still for sale when I got back home, I would buy it. Well, the sale was over, and they had left it curbside. Out here, that means “free for the taking”, and if you want it, grab it before someone else does. It was a sign that it was meant to be mine, so I sent my husband over to retrieve it for me. It needs some cleaning up, and I want to redo the knobs. I am really excited about its potential. I know just where to put it.

Once I get the project started, I will have to share my results. I plan to put it in my office and store all of my metaphysical books, crystals, moon water, and altar objects on it! Be sure to check back soon for an update.

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