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Monday, August 15, 2022

My, How Time Flies!

Welcome to another week of the Modern Musings podcast and blog. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ve probably heard us tell the tale of how Amber, Christen, and I had each thought about hosting a blog, vlog, or podcast of some sort, and how we came to the inspiration of doing one together. That was about a year ago, and it feels like a whirlwind came along and swept us off our feet, because here we are, counting down the days until we launch our 50th episode this Wednesday. Yes, you read that right – FIFTY episodes!

Somehow, while we were busy recording, editing, writing, posting, and living our lives, we managed to launch 50 episodes (that’s counting all the bonus ones like Eckhart Tolle and “Excuse Me While I Read My Tarot”), and we are simply amazed at how quickly the time has flown by. For the podcast this week, we thought it might be fun to share a “look” back at some of the hits and misses, laughter, tears, and even snoozes that happened while we were busy having all this fun. We’ve talked about a lot of different topics in that time, and many things have happened and changed since that magical day last November when we launched that less- than-impartial discourse about December Daily. I thought now might be a good time to fill you in on those changes and updates, and maybe talk a little bit about what’s coming up.

To get us started, I want to circle back to where it all began – with December Daily. I told you when we started this thing, I am obsessed with December Daily. I’d have to be, right? Only someone obsessed would talk about a one-month project all year long. But I swear, I am not the only one! A quick search on Facebook reveals 20+ groups, both public and private, before I quit scrolling, the largest of which is the “official” group with upwards of 13,000 members. Likewise, a quick look on Instagram revealed more than 20 hashtags that I know are linked to the project, with likely dozens if not hundreds more that I don’t know about – the most popular among them being the simplest #decemberdaily with 366,000+ posts.

One of the reasons we started with December Daily was because of timing. Christen and I wanted to share our enthusiasm for this project, and it just so happened that a December Daily event was going to occur on November 6 – the Saturday after our first podcast launch. But really, the excitement for December Daily begins for us in August, when Ali Edwards, the creator of this phenomenon, announces the launch date for her line of December Daily products. And that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to talk about it here, today. As of this writing, my cohorts and I are eagerly awaiting the introduction of her new products so that we can jump online on release day (August 31 here) and scramble to grab all the merchandise we want for our album projects before it sells out. It’s a big game of hurry-up and wait because the products won’t even ship until some time in October. Once we receive our orders, we have to wait some more until November, when the classes launch. From then on, we are working on our albums, often setting up pages in advance so that all we have to do is add photos and a bit of journaling when December rolls around. 

That’s the plan, anyway, but I always seem to wind up so busy that I get behind about mid-December, and then it takes several more months to get it finished. In fact, I didn’t finish my 2021 December Daily  album until June (watch for a YouTube flip-through coming soon), and some participants deliberately hold off on finishing, dragging it out all year so as to be “done by December” in time to start again. I admit, December Daily may not be it for everyone, but it definitely is a big deal to a lot of crafters, and it’s something I look forward to all year, which is why you’ll hear me reference it a lot. 

Three other topics that we talk about on the podcast from time to time are our One Little Word projects, Happy Planners, and Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets®. All of these projects also have fall “launch” dates that enable participants to purchase kits and supplies in advance of the new year. I like to get my planners and PowerSheets® set up and ready to go by the end of December so I can get right to work on January 1. I also usually choose my word of the year in the fall, so that I’m ready to start living my word with the new year. I’m already starting to think about my word options for next year, and I’m thinking I may take Christen’s lead in choosing something a little less challenging for 2023. The last few words have been a lot of work for me, and while they’ve brought about a lot of change in my life and my outlook on life, I think it might be time to look at something more fun or easy. Alternatively, I might try something like create or craft, which both have multiple meanings but embrace the idea of digging into my art a little more purposefully. I’m sure we’ll do another reveal sometime in the fall and we hope you’ll share your words with us, too!

Rereading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle was not in my original plans for 2022, but what a powerful book this has been in my life this past year! When I first read it, I felt like so much finally made sense, and I was so excited to share it with Christen and Amber (and with the world) that it was worth reading again, this time with a more studious eye. I often worried that it was just a bit too much because we presented it in such a drawn-out way. There was so much information, so many concepts, and such deep thoughts that it sometimes felt like we were just shoveling it into a big heap on top of our listeners. I can only hope that as you read along with us, you were able to decipher what we felt so challenged to share. I only know that it has been an instrument of profound change in my life, more on which I will share at another time. 

Now, as we head into fall, I am excited and looking forward to all these familiar patterns, routines, and habits, but I am also looking forward to all the fun topics we have coming up in the next 50 episodes and beyond. Amber, Christen, and I sat down a few weeks ago and started brainstorming new ideas for topics in 2023, and I’m really excited about all the conversations we’re going to have about everything from Disney Princesses to menopause, and from horror movies to making your bed. It’s going to be interesting. We hope you’ll hang around to share it with us.

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